All Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules

What's the best ginger beer? This may seem like a simple question for those of you just getting into the craze that is the Moscow Mule. Most people probably haven't even heard of, let alone tried a ginger beer. It's much different than Ginger Ale that most people are used to. First, there's a whole different process to making Ginger Beer than there is to making Ginger Ale. And although the name seems to suggest it, most Ginger Beers (and Ales) are NON-alcoholic. Be aware, that there are alcoholic versions of ginger beer, such as Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer. But, the minimal amount of alcohol in Crabbie's (4.8%) doesn't mean it's the best option. There's many other things to take into account such as the amount of actual fresh ginger. Besides, everyone's taste buds are different, so it's best to try them out for yourself. Be sure to check out our Recipes Page before you leave so you know what to pick up at the store.

Ginger Beer