All Alcohol for Moscow Mules

What is the best vodka for a Moscow Mule? This is a question for the ages, as there are many competitions and rating scales that experts look at every year. We have compiled the scores and rankings from many different competitions as well as there prices to help you find the very best Vodka for you. Scores aren't everything, and it ultimately comes down to which vodka you prefer, but we try to give you information so you can come to the best conclusion and don't waste your hard-earned money. So, feel free to sort by price or score, but know that you can't go wrong. The beauty of the Moscow Mule is that it tastes great even with a lot of Vodka in it. But be careful, because you may wake up the next morning a little hungover because you didn't realize how much you actually drank. So, follow the recipe and don't over-pour your liquor.

One other question that pops up is: Are there other hard alcohols or liquors that you can put in a Moscow Mule? The answer to that is a no. Well, sort of. For example, if you change the alcohol from Vodka to Dark Rum, you now have a Dark 'N Stormy on your hands. Although you only changed the hard alcohol, it now has a different name, and is no longer a Moscow Mule. This is essentially how many of the spin-off versions of the Moscow Mule came to arrive. They range far and wide, and are all fantastic. Feel free to check out some of the popular creations over on our Moscow Mule Recipes Page.

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